KC Faithworks - thank you!

KC Faithworks has been diligently working on a much needed renovation of the lower level of Mount Washington. The lower level of the Church is where n2n conducts it's activities. It includes the dining hall, kitchen, restrooms, storage and offices

KC Faithworks started with restroom renovations and moved to the kitchen once the restrooms were completed.

They have donated all labor and have provided price breaks on needed supplies and equipment. This is truly a God thing for KC Faithworks to have blessed n2n as they have.

The much improved kitchen area is coming along - see the attached pics showing where we are now.

Many thanks to KC Faithworks for their commitment - when I thanked the team today, all they said was "this is what we do" & went back to work. A true blessing for Mount Washington and n2n. Yes, we are blessed!

The attached pics are of the progress in the kitchen area as of today:

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