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Without N2N volunteers, we would not be able to succeed in our mission.  There are so many ways to help.   Each way is equally as valued and valuable.   Please look through the various options and see which one may suit you or your group.    If you are sill unsure how to help, reach out to us.  We will work with you.

"All of our team is  involved in making a better place for those we serve. Our leadership, staff, volunteers, consultants – we all have the same goal:  To make each life we touch know they are important to us.  Anything you can provide – time, monetary donations or supplies, are welcome."  

                                    - John Sullivan (N2N President)


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Meal Donation


We are known for our radical hospitality.  


Hospitality is not often encountered by our neighbors.   A warm smile, a handshake and a welcoming conversation is critical in how Neighbor2Neighbor changes lives.


If you are someone who enjoys hospitality and hosting, this job is for you.   


Our neighbors deeply value the safe and inviting environment at N2N.  In fact, the ability for them to become comfortable and build relationships and trust with our volunteers is the very foundation for changing their lives.  


Without trust, people don't and won't change.   As our neighbors get to know us and our volunteers, they start to be open to opportunities for help.   


Volunteer to help.

Hot meals are the most coveted service at Neighbor2Neighbor

They are prized experiences by our neighbors.   A Hot meal returns our neighbors to a time of comfort and normalcy.   It relaxes and opens the heart to discussion and relationship.


For breakfast, we serve bagels or other pastries, cereal, coffee or other items.


Neighbor2Neighbor serves hot lunches from Monday - Friday.

We also provide sack lunches typically consisting of sandwiches, drinks, and healthy snacks

If your group of organization is interested in preparing a hot lunch, sack lunches or breakfast during the week, we would be extremely grateful!

Please complete our volunteer form below.   If you are interested in getting more information, drop us a note!  We will get back to you quickly.


Volunteer to help.

Meal Preparation


Preparing meals for our neighbors is the most time-consuming work.

Enjoy the camaraderie of working side-by-side with other volunteers as you prepare the various meals or sack lunches for our neighbors.

If does not matter if you know how to prepare a meal or not.  We will be glad to have you join us!  We will find the right work for you.

Preparation for lunch usually starts around 8am until noon, with kitchen cleanup that follows.

This is a perfect group volunteer opportunity as well!  Church or civic groups find working in the kitchen - and seeing your work so appreciated - not only bolsters your sense of contribution to the community, but also brings you closer together as a group.

Join us!

Thrift Store


Our thrift store is a critical service for our neighbors.  

Having clean clothes, shoes and basic apparel is so important.  Families and individuals alike rely on N2N's thrift store.  

Volunteers in the thrift store help us keep the inventory organized and presentable.   They also are there to assist our neighbors in finding the clothes or hygiene materials they need.

Thrift Store is open M-W-F from 10am to Noon.   Volunteers would be expected to arrive at 9am to open and then to close the store.


Volunteer to help.


Volunteer to help.

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