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N2N Recognition Wall


We Celebrate our Patrons and Partners!  

Thank you!



Thank the Lion's Club and Phillipine Nurse's Association of Kansas City hosting a barbecue lunch for n2n, in honor of Father's Day on 6/14/24. The meal was delicious and well received by the n2n community.
Blessings such as these are such a joy!
Thank you again

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Thank you, Joe!


Joe Austin

Several years ago, n2n was blessed by the culinary skills of Joe Austin, a fellow member of Rosie's Church. who joined n2n as our chef/cook. Joe brought skills of meal preparation, making due with supplies on hand (aka leftovers), baking, organizing the kitchen storage closet, bringing his mother Helen to help with the clothes closet and to pick up supplies at Starfish - the list of Joe's contributions to n2n seems endless! Joe has decided to resign his position at n2n. He will be missed - we are hoping one day he will be able to return.
God Bless you, Joe, for your dedication, support, commitment and devotion to n2n.

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Thank you REZDowntown!


Church of the Resurrection Downtown

Many thanks to the dedicated REZ Downtown Serve Saturday n2n supporters! Through their dedication and commitment, monthly they are able to donate approximately 250 sack lunch meals and additional components for n2n's food Ministry. As we serve about 1000 sack lunch meals per month (in addition to our hot meals), REZDT provides a significant 25% of our need. Thank you again REZDT for blessing us!

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Our new case worker!


Rev. Dr. Carlotta Boles

Please take a moment to stop in to say hello or to meet with Rev. Dr. Carlotta Boles, our new case worker. We look forward to her becoming a key part of the n2n team.
She is on site at n2n Monday and Wednesday from 9-12. This is who she is in her own words:

From Prison to Pastor, that’s who I am, I broke out from the prison that Satan had me in. (From one of my songs I wrote for my CD 'Breakout'). My credentials are, Faith-based Pastoral Counseling PH.D; studies of Theology and Christian Therapy PH.D. I am a Motivational Speaker/Christian CD Artist and fully committed to be a servant of God. In short, 20 years ago Pastor Gregory Parr ask me to quit my job and come work with him in the community serving God’s peoples, one of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever experienced. Currently, in addition to n2n, I am working at Footprints as a Substance Use Disorder Counselors.
Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles

Welcome to n2n, Rev. Dr. Carlotta Boles! We are glad you are here!

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A New Addition for n2n


Anonymous donor and friend

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and friend of n2n, we were able to purchase a used shipping container for us to use as an outside storage unit on our landlord's premises.. Our landlord Church required us to install this unit to minimize the storage we were using in the renovated Fellowship Hall. The storage unit adds a lot of efficient space for us. It is a "thing of beauty" and has been moved into by n2n with shelves placed and storage organized!
Thank you again, our friend, for your generosity!

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Kathy M. - thank you!


Kathy M.

This is a picture of Kathy M. together with our Rosie B. Kathy has been a long term supporter of n2n (back to our Westport days). Weekly or more frequently, Kathy comes to the Ministry with her SUV loaded with all types of food products for us to use. Cereal, cake products, bread - all items we need and can use. Kathy has been an invaluable resource for us. For that we are grateful!
Thank you, Kathy, for blessing us with your donations and for your Ministry to n2n!

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Freddy C.

Congratulations to Freddy C. on achieving 90 days of sobriety! Today his commitment to sobriety was tested when he walked past two liquor stores without going in! Freddy has been dealing with health issues as well as the pull of alcoholism for many years. Hopefully his path forward will be one of continuing sobriety - 90 days is a great start! As we have said many times, anyone who has successfully given up their addiction has a more serene, relaxed countenance than they had with the addiction. Freddy's picture exemplifies this.
God Bless Freddy - may God's strength continue to be with you!

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Thank you!


Several Donors

Thank you to the many donors who have sustained n2n's Ministry during this unprecedented time in our history.
Serving out of the tent shown below, we are serving up to 100 per day, are praying with those in need, are getting access to recovery beds where we can, etc., etc., etc.
I would like to thank our supply supporters by name, but won't for fear of unintentionally omitting some.
Thank you, donors, for supporting us and for helping us "feed my sheep". You bless us.

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Christmas Eve Eve 2022


Kansas City World Outreach Lions Club/PNA of Greater Kansas

It was an awesome day at n2n on Friday, 12/23/2022. Thanks to an event led by the Kansas City World Outreach Lions Club and the Philipine Nurses Association of Greater Kansas City, we had a memorable time. Brunch consisting of grits, pancakes, eggs & breakfast meats, was served by our volunteers to our guests between 10&12. Gifts and gift bags were provided to our guests thanks to the generosity of our hosts.
In our Executive Director, Greg Parr's words, we had:
*74 Adults - 10 received blood pressure checks.
*18 Kids
*26 Volunteers including:
😊Philippine Nurses Association of Greater Kansas City.
😊 Kansas City World Outreach Lions Club.
😊Kelly of Kansas City Public Library.
😊N2N Board Members.
😊Pastor & Members of MWMBC.
😊Keystone UMC.
😊Saint John's UMC.
😊Workers from VA Hospital.
😊Minister & youth from Saint Mary's Grand Holy Tabernacle.
😊Dr. Jason.
😊2 Volunteers from Volunteers KC.
😊Neighborhood volunteers.
😊Mike M., Master of pancakes.
A joyous occasion for all who were served and for those who served!

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Congratulations Willie


Willie V

Congratulations, Willie on the achievements of 14 months sober and for being awarded Employee of the Month at your job! What great accomplishments!
For those who don't know Willie, he has a quiet demeanor, is a pleasant conversationalist and is a friend to n2n. His stabilizing presence at our Ministry is a blessing for us. If you see Willie on site or elsewhere, please congratulate him. The congratulations are well deserved.

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Our Grant Writer!


Ginny M

Ginny M. is our volunteer grant writer and Board Consultant for grants for n2n. Her attention to detail in the grants she writes gets n2n's name into the grant writing community. We appreciate her focus and dedication.
Ginny comes to us from a grant writing background and is a member of one of our supporting Churches.
We are glad she decided to volunteer her time to help us move forward with grants for n2n.
Thank you, Ginny, for you time and dedication to n2n!

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Thank you John


John S.

John S. is a long time donor (back to our Mary Kelly Center days) of needed supplies for n2n. From clothing (coats, hats, gloves, etc.) to shelving and tricycles, John's generosity to n2n has helped many lives.
John continues to be a major supporter of n2n. For that, we say "Thank You"!

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