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  • We provide weekday breakfast and lunches to the homeless and near homeless
  • We provide clothing and hygiene products
  • We provide a safe place to relax and be out of the elements
  • We offer drug treatment referrals to those trapped by addiction
  • We provide a welcoming environment where relationships and trust can be developed


We offer both hot and cold meals to our neighbors in need. 
We serve Breakfast, Hot Lunches and Sack Lunches.

2020 was a very challenging year for N2N and our neighbors.   However, even with the pandemic, we were nimble enough to still provide this service.

In 2020, we served over 4,000 for breakfast and hot lunches until the pandemic forced us to stop in early March.

However, N2N continued providing nearly 18,000 sack lunches throughout the year.

We have access to a full service kitchen. 


Currently, we do not serve breakfast. 

But once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we will once again serve breakfast Monday through Friday, consisting of oatmeal, pastries, cold cereals, and most important of all: coffee.


With Covid restrictions starting to ease, we are now serving hot lunches for our neighbors! 


We hand out sack lunches to those unable to stay for hot lunches.


We welcome churches and other groups to help prepare and serve meals.  It is a great way for teams to bond in service.


Volunteer to help.

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Hours of Operation: 

Open Monday - Friday

   Continental Breakfast:    9:00am -10:30am

   Hot lunch:    11:00 - 11:45pm


"Through n2n, I met Greg Parr – Greg told me about a drug treatment program called COPS (Counselors Out Preventing Substance Abuse) which I entered … I am now 4+ years clean and sober after a life of addiction starting at 12 – I am now 52."    - Bruce


WE find the help our neighbors need.  Whether it is for housing, drug or alcohol support, mental health or any other need that requires the help of a knowledgable professional.  We coordinate with the right organizations for our neighbors.

N2N builds relationships with all of our visitors to determine causes of homelessness.


For example, if a neighbor has a substance use disorder, we work with him/her by building a trusting relationship while sharing the hope of recovery.


After a series of discussions and interviews, there are various next step options for them laid out and mutually decided upon to help them overcome their challenges. 


For example:

   a) Medical Detoxification 3 - 5 days.

   b) Drug Treatment Centers.

   c) Recovery Housing Referrals.

   d) Triage( Trauma Unit ) placement.

   e) Local Battered woman's shelter placement
       - if drugs & domestic violence is prevalent.


Regardless of the path chosen, N2N stays in touch with all alumni to let them know they matter, hopefully avoid relapses and to celebrate successes.


Often, we present monthly sobriety coins at N2N or during church service. (All sobriety celebrations receive a standing ovation )

N2N cares deeply about each neighbor we come in contact with and work diligently and thoughtfully on how best to address the obstacles that keep them from living a fulfilling life.

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Hours of Operation:

           Social worker: Wednesday, 9:00am - 12:00pm

                                     Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm

   Employment class: Thursday, 10:00am - 11:00am

June 2022:
Year To Date:
What Our Neighbors Say

"Over time, through MWMBC & n2n, I stopped using drugs and got clean and sober. MWMBC Pastor Willie Thornton and Greg Parr, Executive Director of n2n never gave up on me."

                                                                  - Rick T.


WE provide critical basics for our neighbors.  We supply clothing and hygiene products.

N2N provided over 3,000 articles of clothing and hygiene product in 2022 - triple the amount provided in 2020.. 


Need some text about the N2N Thrift store that supplies clothing and hygiene products to our neighbors.

We have a clothes closet open to our neighbors twice a week, where they can get shirts, pants and shoes.

We also distribute socks in great quantities, belts, and, in winter, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Too many times people have come to us even in winter lacking shoes or other basic items. Meeting needs in this way acts out love in concern, and moves us toward addressing deeper problems. 


A much-appreciated service is our distribution of hygiene products.


We have such as shampoo, body lotion, toothpaste, razors, deodorant, which we give out once a week.

These items are so easily taken  for granted by most of us, but mean a lot to those on the street.

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Hours of Operation:

   Clothes closet:        Wednesday, 10-12:30

                                               Friday, 10-12:30

   Hygiene products:  Wednesday, 10-12:30

"(N2N) took me in, took me to church, helped me out tremendously and found me a place to stay and sent me to the crisis center where I detoxed.  Now I couldn't imagine a life that has to do with me going back to drugs"  - Dakota


We partner with other organizations to bring a broad range of health, welfare and personal care services

One of the partnerships is with Swope Health Mobile Unit.

Visiting once a month on the 3rd Thursday, the mobile medical clinic provides a list of services:

  • basic medical care

  • flu shots

  • pregnancy tests

  • mammograms

  • TBI testing

  • HIV screening

  • physicals

  • referrals for dental and vision

  • and more.....  

Another key partner is the missions outreach for Mount Washington Missionary Baptist Church.


This organization allows N2N to operate using their facilities and environment. 


MWMBC is a foundational element to our success that also includes a steady supply of volunteers.   


Neighbor2Neighbor is profoundly grateful for this amazing ministry. 


Volunteer to help.

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What Our Neighbors Say

"Because of N2N, I was not only able to receive food when I was hungry or clothes when I didn't have any, I was also able to finally get help for my addiction and my mental health issues were finally addressed."    - Lakisha

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